Sunday, June 1, 2014

What A Year!!

We are coming to a close with our our homeschool year and all I can say is I'm so proud of my children's accomplishments. I'm so thankful that God allowed me the opportunity  to train up our children in a loving Christian environment. I've witnessed first hand how awesome my children are! They've learned over 50 bible verses and grown in leaps and bounds. Finally, being able to see how they learn and how I learn has been a blessing. I can confidently choose the right curricula picks for our second year of homeschooling. Which is going to be very relaxed super hands on, and focused on their interests. My eldest has voiced her interest in horses and my superhero is a budding engineer/vet lol. I plan to focus our school year surrounded  by their current interests!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Topsy Turvy... But I Love It!!

It's been a long while since I've last spoken to you all... well I was too busy enjoying my new found topsy turvy schedule. So here's whats up... I'M NOW HOME WITH OUR CHILDREN FULL TIME! I went from working homeschool mom to traditional homeschool mom in September which is when we started schooling.
There are many things that have changed as far as curriculum choices, hubby's schedule etc. My lovely curriculum I had set up started to show its ugly little face of "misfit" in the beginning of October. I guess that's the beauty of homeschooling and getting to know your children:)

So what type of homeschool family are we now you ask?

I believe still very much eclectic but... I'd lean more on relaxed/unit study homeschooling. During my curriculum meltdown I've discovered my children's interest which is Pioneer life. Since our letting go the awesome curriculum plan I had we've studied Ancient Africa, birds, zoology, and now pioneer life! We are really getting into it by reading Little House books, wagon wheels, and the discovery of black pioneers!

Of course we have the three R's in which my children have taken to the Ray's Primary Arithmetic, Pathway Readers Grades 1 and 3. literature studies. Extra includes daily bible devotionals together before anything else with keys and weekly Awana. Karate, gymnastics, PE kids workout dvds, and good old fashioned outside time. Music and art appreciation pulled in with whatever history period we are involved in.

I'm very much at ease with the way things are going  now because they are learning so much.

Coming up in the new year a family venture.... Preschool Daycare!!! I'm so excited to put my nearly done degree in Early Childhood Education. My little preschooler is super excited... new friends/classmates!!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Over @  I found the best first year homeschooling, multi age level teaching, fool proof curriculum ever! Did I mention its all free what a blessing to our family and so many other families  especially us working homeschool parents whom wish to homeschool but also have other pressing responsibilities. This is absolutely, in my opinion the best of all my wants in a curriculum. Its multi level teaching with bible, history, science, and art. In addition to individualized independent tasks done all online set out  step by step for the child and parent. How convenient for the child to complete the independent tasks then join the family for the remainder subjects. Genius I tell ya!!!!!!!! I love everything about it... in fact we started some of the curriculum tonight to see how the kids would like it..... and THEY LOVED IT. Especially our son. Do check it out!!! As a matter a fact here is a video introducing the fabulous curriculum from this awesome homeschool mom....  ENJOY

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our New Normal!!!!!!!!!!!

So never say set in stone.... yes I love everything about the pieced together curriculum I've chosen but, we are going to add some homeschool classes to supplement the extras such as, art, music, and handwriting... Why do you say? Well its because we aren't the traditional newbie homeschoolers... we are in fact two full time outside the home parents who are beginning our family journey.

How are we going to accomplish this you say by working opposite schedules?!...  HS classes that's how!! Why?So I don't overwhelm my hubby considering I'm the main teacher lol. And it will fulfill their "socialization" with other children:) We will continue our school hours some during the evening, weekends, and all of the holidays I have off. I have considered year round schooling... still thinking about that.

So this is our new normal for now until I'm able to leave my outside the home job:)
Anything is possible through the Grace of God.

Any suggestions?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Curriculum... Set In Stone... No Changing...2013/2014

History & Geography & Bible

Our History- HIS STORY which is awesome if I must say so. Its a history CM inspired curriculum which includes bible verses to reflect on. In addition to shedding light on African American history, Native Americans, and other cultures who played a part in the discovery of America. I definitely plan on pulling out other subjects from this curriculum such as, geography, and bible. Its got lots of opportunities for activities and projects.

We will use our globe, timeline, YouTube, notebooking, and US map from Mr.Printables for our geography. Targeting and mapping the trails followed by early settlers, the Vikings, and other discoveries mentioned in Our History - HIS STORY. I plan to bring to life early life with cooking those foods, and completing projects from that specific time. Throwing in geography worksheets here and there.

Living Math

Mr. Base Ten Invents Mathematics
MathStart Books
Math Poems for Math Journals
Math Drill Sheets @
Lots of manipulatives
Lots of math board games

Language Arts

Scotts Foresman  Free Grammar workbook gr. 1 & 2
Spelling Connections gr. 1 & 2
*I plan to implement lots of hands on sessions for spelling: spelling w/play dough, magnetic letters, magazine cutouts, and sand. For my Mr. Wiggle being that he is super hands on!!
Phonics @ Progressive Phonics & Books by Treadwell( gr.1 & BOB Books
3rd gr. level independent books for my Second Grader
Copywork using passages from selected literature or current poem.

Literature to read together, then complete lap books, and oral examinations, play, or art piece.

Big Friendly Giant
Secret Garden
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


Copywork using selected poem for this year wynken,blyken,and nod, bible verses, and math poems
Customized free worksheets from Writing Wizard


Living Science Books
Lapbook/Notebooking from, and Stemmom Our lab projects will result from what we are reading in OUR HISTORY - HIS STORY, for example experiment with Corn from Stemmom
Lots of nature walks during every season along with our Nature Journals

Art Study

Our artist this year is Van Gogh!

Art Gallery @ which we will observe and study

Music Study
 Our composer this year is Beethoven

If I have time start teaching children to read music


We will start everyday with Bible whereas we will memorize selected scriptures and discuss. And of course praying for a productive day:)


Immerse ourselves into the culture and begin with labeling simple items around our home.
Nothing fancy:0

Hands on is the name of this game as my Mr.Wiggle won't have it any other way. Visual aids and structure for my second grader. She is more of an independent, stay on schedule type girl:) My tiny tot just wants to be read to allll day! She loves books although I plan on starting her on Reggio baskets @ everydayplay and Montessori tot trays found on 1+1+1=1

So there is our frugal but effective curriculum all under $100.00

So what's your plans for this year and how do you intend to stay within your budget? What curriculum choices have you made?
I'd love to hear from you

Saturday, May 25, 2013

DIY Prenatal Care.... Fascinated

So I've been thinking about the logistics in regards to "prenatal care" as I came across many women who have shared here in Internet space the fact they care for themselves during pregnancy! I was fascinated!!!! I strongly feel if we don't use a homebirth midwife the next time we are blessed with a new life, I will consider an unassisted birth.  To me this seems fitting considering I'm a DIY person.... I know right now you're thinking.....SHES CRAZY!!!!

BUT THINK ABOUT IT..... your care really is only five minutes of the OB's time and the rest of your hour wait is taking up by vital signs, urine tests, and chatting with the RN. Let me stop right here, by no means am I suggesting OBGYN's aren't of any use or if you have serious medical conditions related to pregnancy you shouldn't see an OBGYN. I'm simply saying if you've experienced uncomplicated pregnancies and births...why not? Prenatal care is more than that, its more than what our society has made it up to be. Personally speaking I felt like a woman whom was just another slot that had to be completed. At times I felt so rushed I forgot what it is I had to say at that visit.
Your Birth.....Your Story... Your Choice!


So what's your vision of a fantastic journey towards motherhood?

Love to hear from ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Frugal Homeschool Finds

Still on the hunt for a delight directed/Charlotte mason/unit! Super eclectic, I know. So I just love Pintrest and found great resources such as homeschool planners, classroom set up, and curriculum suggestions. I just had to share this awesome website presented to you by!!!!

The website includes many resources that homeschoolers can use within their language arts curriculum especially, if your plan is to create a frugal curriculum.... hint hint... that's my plan. My fav so far is the theme activity(3-9yrs) they have where you're able to choose a theme for your child and it then gives you five targets to complete:

1. choose book related to theme(age appropriate)
2. hands on activity
3. writing
4. in depth learning with resourceful website given apps

So excited about this website!!! I 'm definitely going to add this into my language arts curricula

On the prowl for my delightful frugal curriculum..... wish me luck!!!!

What are some of your frugal homeschool finds for your curriculum?

although geared towards summer learning I love the way presented parents as a childs first teacher in addition to fun learning!