Thursday, July 25, 2013


Over @  I found the best first year homeschooling, multi age level teaching, fool proof curriculum ever! Did I mention its all free what a blessing to our family and so many other families  especially us working homeschool parents whom wish to homeschool but also have other pressing responsibilities. This is absolutely, in my opinion the best of all my wants in a curriculum. Its multi level teaching with bible, history, science, and art. In addition to individualized independent tasks done all online set out  step by step for the child and parent. How convenient for the child to complete the independent tasks then join the family for the remainder subjects. Genius I tell ya!!!!!!!! I love everything about it... in fact we started some of the curriculum tonight to see how the kids would like it..... and THEY LOVED IT. Especially our son. Do check it out!!! As a matter a fact here is a video introducing the fabulous curriculum from this awesome homeschool mom....  ENJOY


  1. I was excited to see the video but it wouldn't play for me. I'll check back later. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I will be using some of the curriculum as well! Nice to meet you!